Why I Sold My Gucci Marmont Belt

The Inspo:

Right before Christmas my social media feeds suddenly became flooded with bloggers wearing the new Gucci pieces. As my college graduation approaches I’ve found that my style has been undergoing some sort of metamorphosis. I’ve found myself ditching my sweatpants, hair-tied, chillin’ with no makeup on (literally) and embracing a more neutral, sophisticated look. Without the budget for a new Gucci bag, and honestly, who knows if this Gucci comeback is a fad or not, I decided the best way to try the new and improved Gucci was through this belt.

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Inspo pic

The Search:

Now, this belt by no means was easy to find. I looked online EVERYWHERE. I mean pre owned sites, foreign sites, this belt was nowhere to be found. I finally called up a Gucci boutique inside of a Saks and they had it! I had them put it aside and drove the 40 minutes in the pouring rain (torrential downpour) to the store. I quickly tried it on (knowing I already loved it) and took it, no questions asked.

(Side note: this belt is actually a men’s belt so part of my struggle was searching for it in the women’s section on many sites. Also, keep in mind whether you will be wearing it on you hips, waist, or both when choosing a size, they run small. If possible, I recommend you try it on in person. End of the longest side note ever!)

This belt was purchased with the intention of adding just the right amount of detail to an all black or otherwise basic outfit (see below). The only issue was that in order to achieve the look I was looking for I needed to pair the belt with high-waisted jeans. I only owned a few pairs so, slim pickings!

The belt on me

I’m about 5’1 and I’m not going to lie, throughout my college years I’ve put on a few pounds, specifically around my stomach. Unfortunately if I paired the belt with low-waisted jeans it fell just under my “pooch” enhancing my already not-so-flat tummy. When I wore the belt with high-waisted jeans I found the GG dug into my stomach when I sat down (ouch).

This belt was by no means “affordable” and when I buy something luxurious and expensive, I better get the wear out of it! It was truly such a shame that the belt did not work for me. In addition to the uncomfortable aspect, the really prominent logo was not something I would usually go for. I get that it’s the style but none-the-less, it was a tad too flashy for my liking.

The Sell:

I told my mom about the belt, it was so up her alley, but as cute as it was, I was going to return it. A couple of days later she called and asked if I had returned it yet. I said no, she offered to buy it from me and I agreed.

In the end, I’m glad my mom is getting the use out of this piece and that it didn’t go to waste. I’m also glad I got my money back! Experimenting with the Gucci trend was really fun and I made a great relationship with my sales associate.

My decision to sell my belt was totally personal and had nothing to do with the product itself. Honestly, if I shrink my tummy a little bit I might borrow it from her one of these days.

What I Learned:

Besides the fact that I might just not be a belt person, I learned that not all trends are for everyone. It’s ok to admire a piece or a trend and even try it! If it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to dislike the piece or trend. At the end of the day, every time I see someone rocking this belt I still love it and think it looks great. Fashion is supposed to be fun and playful, if something doesn’t fit you right or doesn’t look good, don’t get down on yourself. Try something else! It was so much fun to search for, purchase, and style this belt. I don’t regret my purchase at all, I had a fantastic in store experience and I still love Gucci! Maybe I’ll even try the belt with the smaller buckle, who knows!

If you want to try this belt I would recommend purchasing from Gucci directly or through an authorized boutique in a department store.

Gucci Silver Buckle Grained Black Leather: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/men/mens-accessories/mens-belts/leather-belt-with-double-g-buckle-p-406831DJ20N1000?position=22&listName=ProductGridComponent&categoryPath=Men/Mens-Accessories/Mens-Belts





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