Working From Home

So a little background on my job, I work in e-commerce and am able to do just about everything my job entails from my laptop and iPhone. I am very fortunate to have a job that allows for me to work from home, especially because my current schedule doesn’t allow for me to hold a job with traditional hours. (If you didn’t know I’m finishing up my last semester of college, I graduate in May, yay!) Prior to this semester, my class schedule allowed for me to go into the office almost every other day, if I had to work from home I was always able to do so. Fast forward to this semester, I’m basically in school from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. I go into the office on Fridays, the change of scenery is nice and it’s refreshing to catch up with my coworkers. Monday through Thursday, my hours are luckily extremely flexible so whenever I can put time aside during the day to get my work done, I do. Here’s how I work from home!


Yes, there is a need for both a Nespresso and a Kurieg, they’re totally different


  1. The first thing is always coffee.
  2. I like to at least start my day with a clean workspace, it doesn’t usually end that way, but I’ll make myself a little “setup” to drink my coffee and begin my workday
  3. Next, I’ll make a list of all the tasks I need to accomplish, I usually add to this list throughout the day as new tasks pop up. I like to write mine on post-its, not sure why but that’s my thing.
  4. Working alone at home can be isolating and quiet so I like to turn on some sort of background noise. I’ll choose to either have the news on or some Spotify playlist.
  5. Get It Done. My dad always says “Get it done”. Especially being a student, I’m so limited with time, I like to sit down and really crunch out whatever tasks I need to accomplish.


My workspace setup
Love little notebooks. This one reminds me of my dad, always telling me to “Get It Done!”


  1. Sitting on the couch for a long period of time can become uncomfortable. Don’t laugh, but I like to take “dance breaks”especially when my back starts to hurt from sitting. I just get up, play some music I like, and start to dance (nothing crazy). I also find it helps to work standing up.
  2. Have fun office supplies. My folders make me excited every time I see them, it makes work a little bit more fun. Did you see my custom Erin Condren Life Planner, is that gold foil not to die for??
  3. Light a candle, this is only a tip because I always have a candle lit, regardless of what I’m doing they me happy. (I’m candle obsessed)

You can buy one here (this is my 3rd, I highly recommend):  EC Life Planner


I am so in love with this limited edition fragrance by Diptyque!

Click here to purchase the Rosa Mundi candle by Diptyque, if you love the Roses candle you’ll love this!


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